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Silverado ROCKY RIDGE Special Edition

It is officially here, The Silverado Special Edition, This Conversion is one Big Bad ....Truck! From the 6" Pro-Comp lift system to the Heated leather seats this Silverado will set you miles apart in a crowd. This "High Altitude package" is dialed in perfectly. This package is the results of a company that has LISTENED to their customers. Looking at the front notice the Custom designer grill with painted to match Bow Tie, The hood is protected with an all new "AREOSKIN" protector, Look around to the side and notice the flush mounted "SLIMLINE RAIN GUARDS' these all new rainguards work as well as they look...

"Altitude" means up high. And that is ecactly where you are riding "Up High". In this 6" Pro Comp lifted Silverado, It is the only lift approved by FMVSS (Federal motor vehicle safety standard). You get the lift along with the factory ride. There is no change to the steering radius or ride.

What good is a LIFT, without Huge Wheels and tires??? Wheels coated with a PVD coating. this is the same coating Lexus uses on their wheels to keep them from pitting. To give you great diversity and tire life you will see only name brand 35" tires so you can get where your going with out worrying!